About Us
About Us

Welcome to Gaspu Ultra-purification Gas Tech CO.,Ltd.

Gaspu is a manufacture of  air sepration products. In this field, especially at PSA nitrogen generation and oxygen generation , our company  has 16 years'  experience. Through  ten years our R&D team works hard to improve our nitrogen generator system instantly.  With the high technology PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption and Membrane Separation) from the company Carbo Tech Gmhin German since in 2003,Our gas nitrogen generator has solved a lot of producing problems in  manufacture industry.

Right now we have reached the pinnacle of our gas nitrogen generation system. Our customers  are all over the world. We have built the certain system of customers.
In order to fit for the different field like: foodstuff, electronic, SMT, chemical etc, our nitrogen generation system permits  to be designed by the different needed.
You just tell us some parameter. Then we can give you the good advice. If you have any questions now, you can contact us directly. We will solve it as soon as possible. About after service, we have the professional team to service every client. We always think that the good after service can show the power of company. And the good after service can make our company to walk longer. You will find how good our after service is, just contact us.

Gaspu nitrogen generation system will supports the perfect product and service, we will do the best all the time!