The Procedure of PSA Nitrogen Generator's Working

2018-06-04 09:03:28 gaspuadmin 6

PSA nitrogen generator it means it takes the atmosphere air to be source air and separate it to be single nitrogen and oxygen by physical method. PSA nitrogen generation system takes high quality carbon molecular sieve (CMS) to be adsorbent, at the normal temperature the air will be separated depend on the pressure and total process will be handled by the PLC, so it is totally automatic. So how does the system start and close? Please review as below:

1.Before start PSA nitrogen generator please check all the parts of nitrogen generator like switcher, valves, instruments, indicator and so on.
2.The procedure of starting:
2.1 Connect the source air
2. 2 Power on the frozen dryer
2.3 Open the ball valve of inlet
2.4 Connect on the power of cabinet
2.5 Slowly open the output valve and adjust it to be requirement
3. The procedure of close
3.1 Cut off the power
3.2 Shut down the input valve
3.3 Power off the frozen dryer
3.4 Open the drain valve of nitrogen storage tank to drain out all the nitrogen.