Why the purity of PSA nitrogen generator is decreasing

2018-06-05 09:35:38 gaspuadmin 17

From the experience of PSA nitrogen generation system’s working, there are some problems may happen such as purity is decreased, the flow is not enough, the pressure is not good and so on, so now let’s talk about something about the purity issue as below:

The issue of purity for nitrogen generator:
1.Flow is over the design: normally the purity, flow and pressure of nitrogen generator is designed by manufacture, if one element is over the designing, it will affects other elements, like the purity if the flow is too much then the purity will be decreased, meanwhile if the flow is decreased, so purity will increase.
2.The material of carbon molecular sieve(CMS) is over the expiry date, it means the CMS is not in function, so it can’t adsorb the oxygen.
3.The malfunction of the solenoid valves, it is one kind of machinery problem, if this kind of problem’s happened not only the purity but also the pressure and flow will be affected, it means the whole system will be problem.