The Application of Nitrogen for Metallurgy

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The application of nitrogen generator in metallurgy:
1.Controlled atmosphere: Nitrogen is regarded as one kind of protection air which can dilute the dangerous element, so it can save the capacity of source air and reduce the carbon black, meanwhile it can increase the decomposition rate of enriched gas in the furnace.

2.Sintering: it is easy to control the oxidation at surface of the parts when inject the nitrogen. During the sintering, the carbon content which is at the surface and center of parts depends on the sintering air.

3.Quenching: Injecting nitrogen to quench can protect the electrical heating element in vacuum furnace meanwhile adjusting the nitrogen pressure can improve the hardenability.

4.Carburization and nitridation: Normally the nitrogen purity is above 99.5% for anti-oxidation cooling after the carburization meanwhile the nitrogen in the nitrocaburizing speed is more than

5.Iron powder reduction process: the protection air is using nitrogen and mixed air nitrogen and hydrogen. The nitrogen is for blowing the chamber, the mixed air is for reducing the iron powder.Normally the purity of nitrogen is above 99.99%. Before injecting the mixed air into the chamber, it must be clean by high purity nitrogen and make sure in the chamber the oxygen content can’t be over 0.5%.

6.The waste exhausting of magnetic material complete: The high purity nitrogen is as the protection air to prevent the explosion of mixed air hydrogen and air. Normally the nitrogen purity is 99.9995% above, the dew point is around —60℃ and with less hydrogen.

7.Protection air: nitrogen is applying for blowing, discharging and sealing of the furnace; during the carbon deposition removing of the quench furnace,  it should be injected
nitrogen to remove oxygen for flame-out when the temperature of furnace is over 960℃; when the power is cut off  or the burning stop suddenly , the hydro-nitrogen should be replaced by nitrogen avoid the explosion.

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