The investment cost of bottle gas nitrogen and liquid nitrogen

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    The analyzation of bottle gas nitrogen and liquid nitrogen for investment cost.

  1. The cost of bottle gas nitrogen
    For instance the purity is 99.999% and the price is 8 usd/bottle. One bottle of gas nitrogen is 40 L (standard volume) at the 12Mpa in the market; actually it just has about 5 M3. So as the final price of the gas nitrogen is 1.6 usd/m3. This kind of gas nitrogen application (bottle gas nitrogen) just fits for the small gas nitrogen end-user.The cost of steel bottle: 30Nm3/h×1.6 usd=48 usd/hr, the whole year cost: 48 usd/hr×8000 hr/year=384000 usd /year

  2. The liquid nitrogen cost
    The price at 99.999% is 240 usd/ton, one ton of liquid nitrogen can get about 600 m3 gas nitrogen, the gas nitrogen price is about 0.4 usd/m3.( Not include the preliminary investment of liquid nitrogen storage tank, Vapor, every year’s maintenance and labor cost The cost of liquid nitrogen: 30 Nm3/h×0.4 usd=12 usd/hr,
    The whole year cost 12 usd/hr×8000 hr/year=72,000 usd/year

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