Membrane Technology
Membrane Technology
Membrane Technology

The advatantage of membrane in nitrogen generator

High reliability: At membrane gas-separating unit there are no any movable parts. Membrane gas separating unit is stable for vibration, shaking and kicks. Membrane gas-separating unit demands minimal requirements from entering air (presence of 6 Oil drops, dew moisture and others mixes). All these factors ensure excellent reliability, which better than PSA and cryogenic plants have.

Safety: During the process of membrane gas-separating there are no high pressures, extra low or high temperatures, and also there are no liquid products of gas separation. These factors provide maximal safety during exploitation of membrane nitrogen plant. Among existing technologies of nitrogen generation membrane kind of gas-separation is the most safety.

Absence of high exploitation expenses: Membrane gas separating unit don’t requires periodical repairing service during process of exploitation. The only consuming materials are filters for air filtration. You need to replace cartridges of filters approximately one time at half-year (if the equipment operates every day). Operation of cartridges replacement takes about 15 minutes.

Economical efficiency: Main expenses during nitrogen generation – cost of electric energy. Absence of high exploitation expenses during working of GASPU helps to reduce the prime cost of product (nitrogen) and allows covering the expenses of equipment at short period.

Big operational resource: Recourse of membrane gas-separation unit is about 20 years of exploitation.

Easy exploitation: Membrane nitrogen plant has very easy system of control – it operates at absolutely automatic mode. Control and supporting of all working parameters takes place with no human presence. GASPU allows regulating concentration of product, and consequently its prime cost, by means of changing one parameter – air capacity.

Fast starting-up and stopping: Required time of nitrogen producing (according to required parameters) – 20-30 minutes after starting of plant. You can start or stop nitrogen plant by pressing of one button. Number of starts/stops of GASPU plant doesn’t limited. The plant can work at continuous mode and at periodical mode also.

Easy mounting: Nitrogen plants which supplies are almost ready for work and its demands minimum mounting at territory of purchaser. Mounting works at territory of purchaser takes only several days.

Low mass and dimensions: Dimensions and mass of membrane gas separators are much lower than dimensions and mass of PSA and cryogenic stations.

Documentation: As distinct from cryogenic and PSA stations membrane gas-separating systems aren’t required special permission documentation for receivers, working under pressure, that becomes easier procedures of mounting and next exploitation of equipment.